Chianti & Tuscany

Chianti is a word from Roman times, meaning noise. It refers to the sounds produced from the hunts that were popular in this area rich of wildlife. So I decided to use this word because sounds to me like  what  is essential in life.

Now about ME Domenico Bertucci. I am a licensed tour & nature walking/MTB guide in Tuscany.

You might to breathe the air of medieval & art cities like Siena , San Gimignano, Montalcino, Pienza , Montepulciano & Florence. I am here to lead you through the labyrinth of the art masterpieces and narrow alleys of these cities.     

Or you might want to join me in a simple stroll in the Sienese countryside, deep in vineyards of Chianti & Val d’Orcia and lose yourself in the luxurious bouquet of a glass of Brunello wine. Could it be an option for you to ride a mountain bike? I can tailor-make a tour for you.  

How does that sound?



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Biking on the moon

Mountain biker lands in Tuscany - Crete Senesi

Italian Robin Hood in the Brunello Wine Land

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