Wake up & Walk up or... better still, Pedal up!

Born in Vercelli (Piedmont) but fell in love with Siena and Chianti countryside I decided to relocate to study archaeology. After my degree, I linked my passion for history, art & environment to my job as guide. I know every alley and its history in Siena. Moreover during my strolles and hikes in Siena parish I have discovered trail that combine breathtaking views with memorable locations.

My passion is history, art & wine and I'm always proactive in sharing my knowledge. You'll learn a lot from my amazing landscape and city tours.

I’m a licensed nature and tour guide but above all, this is my home ground. Yes, I have checked and studied every trail & track myself in depth. Chianti or Brunello wine, history, archaeology, local produce, art and architecture all these ingredients are skilfully meshed together to give you an unforgettable experience.

You'll find several tours listed in this site but do not to hesitate to contact me and I'll create a tour to meet your specific requirements

I'll go with you in this journey where you'll taste & feel Tuscany with your five senses

Both adults and children are welcome. I like to work with students because they are always keen to ask every type of question. Above all, the unexpected ones.


Picture by Lorenzo Milaneschi

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