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Why and What is a license needed for ? 

All guides in Italy need a professional licence by the Tuscany Regional Law n°42 of 2000 and subsequent amendments. The award of the Regional Guides License demands the highest standards of skill and professionalism in all aspects of guiding. That's why it's so important to be professionally licensed. 

I got my licence as a Nature Walking Guide (GAE - Guida Ambientale Escursionista in Italian) in 2014. 

In 2015 I got my licence as a Tour Guide for the Province of Siena. 

Like a Nature Walking Guide I'm associated to the AGAE (card n° 200), the professional association for those leading in nature both in Italy and around the world. 

All my colleagues have a regular licence. 

Tips to make your tour more enjoyable  

- Bring proper clothing – several lightweight layers that can be easily put on and removed, as well as protective raingear;

- Proper walking or hiking boots are essential to a safe walking experience.

- In your daypack you must have: water bottle (1 lt. at least), rain gear, mole skin or bandages for blisters, sun screen, hat, snack.

- Your smile is always appreciated.

Don't get upset but I could...

  • exclude those who are not considered fit enough or not properly equipped for the proposed excursion;

  • cancel the tour or modify the itinerary in case of weather / environmental / force majeure conditions which don’t guarantee the safety of the group;

  • modify the tour program if the safety or the well-being of even one of the participants is at risk. The Guide, if necessary, can decide on an early return, without this being any disputed by the participants;

  • exclude from the tour those who haven’t booked;

  • The participants are required to follow the Guide’s directives, may abandon the path and the group only with the Guide’s authorization. The Guide will not be responsible in case one or more participants decide voluntarily to abandon the group: in this case, the Guide is exempt from any liability for any accidents or injuries that may occur to them.

  • It’s necessary to be on time out of respec for logistics, timing and the group;

  • The tour duration can vary depending on the level of fitness of participants, weather conditions, so flexibility will be required;

  • It is recommended that you switch your phone off or to silent during the tour, so as not to disturb other participants and so that you fully enjoy your tour;

  • Do not leave waste along the path - it's against the law and you could be fined.

  • Dogs are allowed on leash with the prior authorization of the Guide.

Walking route rating


  • Average daily distance: 3 - 9 Km / 2 - 6 miles

  • Average daily walking time: Up to 4 hours


  • Average daily distance: 6 - 13 Km / 4 - 8 miles
  • Average daily walking time: Up to 5 hours


  • Average daily distance: 9 - 16 Km / 6 - 10 miles or more
  • Average daily walking time: Up to 6 hours or more 

How can you have your fitted tour with me ?

It's easy - send me an email with your request. I'll tailor-make a tour for you and your group.

You can pay me in cash at the end of the tour or earlier by bank transfer if you wish.


Half Day tour: € 150,00

Full Day tour: € 300,00

The price includes: the guide service.

The price doesn't include: nothing else above mentioned.

However I would like point out that the price can vary with the season, distance and number of participants. Please don't hesitate to contact me for a personal quote.


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