Biking on the moon

Mountain biker lands in Tuscany - Crete Senesi

Under the Tuscan moon....not yet. This tour will take you to where it could seem that you're biking on the surface of Sea of Tranquillity.  

Have you ever tasted a glass of red wine on the white moon? Better still, a glass of Tuscan wine? Even better, after a nice stroll or pedal in the middle of scenery with as a sleek white floor like a desert ...of Accona. In the Crete senesi area.  Think about it.....I could guide you.

Imagine yourself rocking along gently up and down....the Crete senesi. What are Crete senesi? They were shaped by the environment millions of years ago. It's not boring stuff but a huge opportunity for you to dive under the Tuscan...moon. You could have plenty of fun and taste, literally, a territory made up of men, things, nature and animals.

Below the elevation profile of a half day tour in the Crete senesi area. If you prefer, I can customize afull day tour for you.



Above you can see a rough map and its altimetry

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