Chianti, Brunello & local produce

Wine and History have always one hand in hand with Chianti Val d'Orcia region.

Far back in history, the Etruscan people were the first to make thess surroundings the centre of their trade. Wine was one of the most important. And off we go! .

Later, important medieval rulers inside their castles sometimes allied with Florence and at other times with Siena, meaning there was always fighting and of course wine trade!

However these tours aren’t only about wine and history but also for enjoying the castles which dot the landscape. Moreover you'll experience the art and the local produce too. We’ll pass through the ancient Via Francigena landscape but with the luxuries of our times.

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Hiking in Chianti

Chianti wine: birth of a myth. From History to Story.

Francigena & Brunello

On the ancient pilgrimage route with a 'pouch' of wine

Orcia wine the Brunello's young brother

Orcia or Brunello wine? That is the question

Photo by Megan Cole

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