Francigena & Brunello

On the ancient pilgrimage route with a 'pouch' of wine

During this day long walk you will taste & learn about Brunello wine and the Via Francigena. Touch the terroir of the grape and its history. Then lose yourself in the mystic air that only Sant’Antimo Abbey can give. Would you like to hear about history and legend where Charlemagne and his rider were miraculously healed? Or enjoy an outdoor trip with the luxuries of Brunello wine

Starting from nearby Montalcino we will walk through a nice trail where we'll taste, in a typical and warm vineyard, one of the most famous wines in Italy: her majesty Brunello di Montalcino.

With wings on our feet we could, finally, reach Sant’Antimo Abbey where we can breathe the holy and spiritual air of this awesome church. With a bit of luck we could listen to the Gregorian chant.

At the end of our tour we will spend some quality time in Montalcino and its wonderful medieval city center.

Are you listening? It's the Gregorian chant.

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